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The Kremlin is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine and Syria

Hacks Malaise (A Parody)

A surge of neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism in eastern Europe has strong Russian ties. Meanwhile in Ukraine, it has just been revealed that Russia has supplied military assistance to the Azov Battalion ... I mean the Rusich Group, a far-right militia known as a bastion of neo-Nazism within the Russian Wagner and LPR People's Militia. Hacks Malaise is a bestselling author and bigshot at The BSzone Project. The following is from his research in Russian revanchist imperialism and neocolonialism.

HACKS MALAISE: The Rusich Group is essentially a militia that’s grown out of nationalist Rodnovers (Slavic neoPaganism.) The founder Alexey Milchakov is a neo-Nazi from Saint Petersburg who has pledged to restore supremacy of the white race.

Milchakov has also claimed that men in Donbas should be forced to fight with separatist militias. There are other images of Milchakov torturing animals and holding the heads of decapitated dogs. Alexei Milchakov was placed on the EU sanctions list for destabilizing Ukraine.

In the European Journal of the European Union L 239 it states "[Milchakov] Commander of the ‘Rusich’ unit, an armed separatist group involved in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. In this capacity, he has actively supported actions and policies which undermine the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, and further destabilised Ukraine."

Like many nationalists in Russia, Rusich uses the "imperial" (black-yellow-white) flag flipped upside down. In the image to the left we see an homage to Milchakov from an associated vk account including the imperial flag "also used by Russian neo-Nazi group Russian Imperial Movement" and a picture of Milchakov with the groups associated swastika emblem.

The group has been fighting since 2014, conducting reconnaissance and operations playing a significant role in key battles at the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The group often associates NATO, the European Union and collective "West" with antisemitic tropes seen here:

Milchakov attended the International Conservative Forum in 2015 as a semi-celebrity. Meduza reported on the forum held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Meduza wrote "This year, the Russian political groups were joined by representatives of the European far-right. Among the participants were former leader of the German National Democratic

Party Udo Voigt and members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which use a modified swastika as the party symbol. The European guests unanimously denounced the USA and the “Kiev junta,” while praising Vladimir Putin and the Russian law against “gay propaganda” and "Their Russian counterparts said that Russia would return into Europe’s embrace once European countries reclaim their national sovereignty."

Rusich fought alongside the Russian separatist commander Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Bednov and participated in the battles for the Luhansk Airport, near Novosvitlivka. Milchakov also engaged in combat training of teenagers in special camps in Russia.

Task Force Rusich is also present in Syria but is not the only Russian sponsored neo-Nazi paramilitary there. The Wagner Group has also been in the country for years working alongside the Assad regime. Wagner is named after Richard Wagner, Hitler's favorite composer. An article by MEMRI contains screenshots from various social media accounts affiliated with the Wagner Group that show their presence in eastern Ukraine.

Rusich is tied to Norwegian neo-Nazi extremist Yan Petrovkiy. In the screenshot we see him with the associated text "Against zionist-banderists scum" again combining antisemitism in messaging but also incorporating the genocide speech of labeling Ukrainians "banderists" to justify all-out war on civilian targets.

There is evidence collected by The Daily Beast which suggests Rusich reentered Ukraine during the full Russian invasion of regular troops in early 2022. The Times has also reported that Rusich was reengaging in Ukraine as part of the Russian invasion. Tech Against Terrorism research linked Rusich to the Wagner Group. This connection has reemerged as Rusich seems to have accidently provided further evidence that it reentered Ukraine in early 2022.

Meanwhile, the Russian Duma and Putin have been tight lipped on how taxpayer money is being funneled to neo-Nazi organizations in the war effort which was partially justified as "de-Nazifying" Ukraine or what consequences this might have for long term security. The mainstream state-owned media is not expected to push back any time soon.

- Hacks Malaise.

Ok, so why the parody? To show how easy it is to grab screenshots, draw circles around patches then build narrative around them as if you are receiving special inside information. Many anti-war activists, protesters and general leftists have fallen for such techniques and been guided into support for questionable causes to put it mildly.

Part of the goal for The Right Podcast is to show how bias works and to challenge you to use your own head.


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